New Woman in the Mirror


In her book, The New Woman in the Mirror, Dr. Barbara Pullen-Smith chronicles her thoughts, feelings, and experiences and looked into her life’s mirror and watched her transformation from hopelessness to wholeness. She is a winner and her heart’s desire is for you to win too!






“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for writing The New Woman in the Mirror.  Ray bought several copies when it was first published.  I am sending my signed copy (which is my last copy) out to my friend.  She is just starting this entire journey.  I think your story / insights will help her.  I’ll order more via the link because so many of my friends and family have / had breast cancer … a story told from someone who walked in their shoes.”Shelley Mills-Brinkley

“These expressions are a testament to what each person who has endured this journey, this life battle. It is our voice on paper, a way for us to speak without saying it. Thank you for recognizing our voices when we did not know how to say it ourselves! This book will take people on a true journey of the life of cancer, and how it affects each of us. Not just the ones going through, but everyone involved. Expressions of clarity, hope and conciseness of who we are.”Tammy James, breast cancer survivor

“Raw. Genuine. Emotional. You brought us along with you on your journey and gave us a peek into your personal, private thoughts and feelings.”Cynthia Pullen, Speech Language Pathologist

“Reading about and listening to Barbara’s story has been one of my greatest joys. This is not only a book for everyone whose life has been touched by cancer but for all! Barbara stands on her own mountain top and sings her own song in her own key!”Dr. Gail Hayes, author and book coach



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