Expressions for Barbara

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“New Women in the Mirror: Embracing My Journey To Healing” is indispensable and overdue book that fills an important gap in the history of this disease among women in our communities. This book is a must read for men and women.”

~George G. Hill


“Thank you Barbara for allowing me to be better informed about cancer with the writing of your book “The New Woman in the Mirror”. You opened the door to your personal journey sharing your initial discovery, treatments, changes in your physical self and how you made it through. If we have not been affected by cancer, we know a love one, family member or friend who has.  Your book is a testimony of your faith in God, His love, grace and mercy enabled you to fight the battle .The prayers, support of family, friends, medical staff and individuals that didn’t know your name was always with and for you.”

~Your Sister/Friend who Cares,

“When I read your book, it literally encapsulated my attention…it took away my breath.  How strong you are and were to share your unabridged experiences. You shared your raw feelings…no pretense.  I cannot say enough about this book; it really touched my heart and soul in an indescribable way.  Because of your revelation on the subject of cancer (breast cancer) and through your surviving and it and writing about it, I now understand the JOURNEY better.  I love you for sharing. Thank you.

PS: It took me a moment to digest what you had written and how honest you were on your struggle through it and how you gained the victory through your strength and faith in God . I saw how insensitive we as a society can be to cancer patients without knowing.  You took me there through your book.  God bless you woman of God!!”

Much love,

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